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Buckingham Electrical is a premier provider of electrical installation solutions with a combined 45 years of experience in the sector. Located in Leicestershire, we are a versatile and reliable choice for any project, serving a wide range of sectors including industrial and commercial.
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On hand every step of the way

Located in Leicestershire, we are a versatile and reliable choice for any project, serving a wide range of sectors including commercial, industrial and agricultural. We are conveniently positioned to serve clients throughout the UK and stand ready to respond to emergencies at any hour. Our team is equipped to accommodate the special needs of organisations that require around-the-clock coverage for optimal operations.
Expertise in ongoing maintenance

The company specialises in providing ongoing maintenance solutions for businesses, particularly those with 24/7 production facilities. Their expertise in keeping electrical systems running smoothly and efficiently sets them apart, ensuring continuous operation and reducing downtime for businesses.

Customised solutions and client collaboration

The company's commitment to understanding the uniqueness of each project and collaborating closely with clients to develop tailored solutions showcases their dedication to meeting specific needs and budget constraints. This approach establishes a foundation of trust, ensuring that clients receive reliable and cost-effective solutions that align with their requirements.

Balancing personalised local service

The company's value proposition lies in their ability to provide the perfect balance between personalised, local services and the high standards of a prominent national firm. This unique combination allows them to deliver exceptional services that are tailored to individual client needs while upholding the rigorous management practices associated with leading national organisations.

Our mission

Buckingham Electrical embodies a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional electrical services marked by expertise, attentiveness, and a deep-seated devotion to sustainability. Our team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to evolving long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our valued clients. The company’s mission is to provide electrical services with a rare blend of passion and proficiency, and our vision is to grow the business in a manner that is both sustainable and supportive of the local economy, all while promoting environmentally conscious solutions that conserve precious resources

Our promise

At Buckingham, we are dedicated to fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our commitment to providing a personalised experience sets us apart from larger companies, where the absence of consistent support and change of personnel can often be a source of frustration. Our team of friendly and professional engineers are carefully selected to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service. By prioritising the development of personal relationships, we strive to be a trusted and reliable partner for all your electrical needs.

Payment terms

Our services are built on transparency and putting the customer first. Quotations are free – because we believe every customer deserves a clear picture without cost or obligation. Our payment terms are flexible, but we enforce a 30-day deadline to keep things fair and efficient. For large projects, we provide a flexible payment framework that splits the project costs into distinct stages.

How we operate

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Contact To Book Site Visit

Contacting us is convenient whether you choose to call our number or click the ‘Contact’ tab on the website.

When you reach out, we will agree a time and date for a site visit to view the potential works.


Site Visit & Quote

After a site visit and an in-depth conversation to discuss your requirements we will then produce you with a comprehensive quote outlining the work to be carried out.



Upon approval of our quote, simply give us a call to secure your booking. We'll arrange a schedule for the job that suits your convenience.


Work Satisfaction

When the job is completed we will touch base with you to make sure you are happy with the work that has been carried out. Once both parties are satisfied with the works undertaken the invoice will be sent.


We Kindly Ask

We kindly ask that our customers rate their experience using Buckingham Electrical on Google.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question that's unanswered? Reach out now and we'll do our utmost to provide prompt, comprehensive answers, ensuring you have all the information you need for your electrical service decisions.

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What is the standard of your work?
Are you SSIP certified?
Do you have insurance?
Are your electricians qualified?
Are you IPAF accredited?
Are your prices competitive?
How far will you travel?
Are you able to provide labour only solutions?
What is an EICR?
What is thermal imaging?
Is it cost effective to change electricians?

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